Bernie Worrell: Rest In P (1944-2016)


George Bernard Worrell was playing concertos at age 8,went to Julliard and the New England Conservatory Of Music and was a founding member of P-Funk. He wound up working with Bill Laswell,Fela Kuti and was a member of the expanded Talking Heads in the early 1980’s.  He died today of stage four lung cancer at age 72. The man was truly a musical genius who actually created whole new layers of solo and orchestral sounds on different keyboards. Here’s what I feel are some of his most powerful moments. I have nothing more to say. Listen and dance to the music!


“Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic”/1976



“When Bernie Speaks”/2004

-Bernie you WILL be missed. Again,rest in P!






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3 responses to “Bernie Worrell: Rest In P (1944-2016)

  1. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but man, still sad. 2016 needs to cool it.

    • That may be the most positive thing to come out of Bernie Worrell’s passing. We knew Maurice White had Parkinson but it was still something of a shock. Prince’s death almost came out of nowhere aside from his plane being grounded due to a flu. With Bernie,it was announced by the family. And there was time for prepping for tributes and to get our minds around it. Death seldom can announce itself. But when there’s that time,it’s a lot less bitter a pill to swallow when it happens.

      • Yes, and it’s been great to see all the tributes. His work was amazing–P-Funk obviously, but he was central to some of Talking Heads’ best stuff, for example.

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