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Prince Summer: “Soft And Wet” (1978)

Prince’s debut  For You is one of my favorite albums by him. This viewpoint continues to evolve with time. What probably impressed me most is that its probably the most instrumentally full and orchestral example of Prince’s Minneapolis Sound-which of course replaced horns with polyphonic synthesizers. Mixing an ethereal style of instrumentation with heavy soul and funk flavors is no easy task. And personally,this debut album really pulled it off better than many give it credit for. It also represented Prince’s own coming of age from teenager into an adult.

He recorded his first demos for this debut in 1976 with local producer Chris Moon. He then bought the demo tape to a local business man Owen Hussney. He and Prince moved out to LA were the 17 year old signed with Warner Bros. Prince stayed at Hussney’s house-working tirelessly on his debut at the Record Plant,and developing an affinity for Hussney’s scrambled eggs so its been said. On April 7th,1978 For You finally came out. The first single released,and consequently Prince’s first hit song,was written and played by Prince with only Moon writing the lyrics. This song was “Soft And Wet”.

Prince panting starts out the song as…almost a vocal kind of hi hat cymbal. Prince plays very break heavy Afro Latin type drum solo. The main melody consists of three keyboard solos. One is a high polyphonic synth solo,the other a lower one and a synth bass line giving it the funky phat. In between these lines,there are interludes of space funk synth effects. On the vocal parts,the mix reduces to mainly the bassier lines. There are two choruses-one of which is actually an instrumental bridge. On the first chorus,Prince is playing a highly rhythmic synth bass to his own vocal.

When it comes to the song’s second chorus,he’s playing a hard bop jazz style chordal walk-down synth solo improvisation of his original vocal line. On the last few verses of the song,Prince is singing the song title to the high pitched synth brass and calculated drum breaks-all before his falsetto vocal up-scaling bring the song to a dead stop. Each time I listen to this song,it emerges just how much it showcases Prince’s funk at some of it’s instrumentally dense. His layering of the Oberheim 4 and 8 voice polyphonic synths with the drum breaks alone make this a major funk breakthrough for him.

First time I heard this song on  Prince’s first compilation The Hits/The B-Sides, it clued me in that it’s accompanying album For You was just the funk I might’ve been looking for at that time. That proved very good thinking. “Soft And Wet”‘s majestically funky sonic layering of synths,falsetto vocals,jazzy breaks and solos showcase that Prince was not only basing his music in heavy funk. But also that his funk was going to be presented uniquely-quite different than most of the brass based bands of the day. In the end,this song provided a strong window into how Prince would instrumentally approach his funk.



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