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Introduction to “Anatomy of the Groove”

One of the primary goals of our activities here at Andresmusictalk as well as other websites we participate in is the promotion of new and worthwhile music. There are times when we’ve lamented the state of the recording industry and the promotion, avaliability and popularity of the musics we enjoy the most. In the case of that brand of music known as “funk”, there has very rarely existed a “funk aisle” in your typical music store. You can find a funky soul album like Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack for the film “Superfly” in the Soul/R&B aisle, Africa Baambaata’s electro funk classic “Planet Rock” and Outkast’s progressive “Aquemini” in the Hip Hop aisle, Johnny Guitar Watson’s “A Real Mutha For Ya” in the Blues section, The Talking Head’s “Remain in Light” and Ian Dury & The Blockheads “Do It Yourself” among the rockers, Justin Timberlake’s “Futuresexxlovesounds” in the pop section along with GaGa and Miley, Fela Kuti & The Egypt 80’s “Beasts of No Nation” in the World Section, and Herbie Hancock’s “Secrets” in Jazz. While this stylistic scatter quite effectively illustrates the time span, musical diversity and wide social reach of the Funk, it does little for the recognition of Funk as a distinct musical style and aesthetic.

We still get quizical looks from people when we tell them about our love for the funk. To combat this limited view, we created this special funk feature. Every Friday, Andresmusictalk contributors Rique and Andre will select a song a piece to get your weekend started on a funky groove. These recordings will be exactly like your trip to find funk in the music store. When looking for funk today, no genre is left unexamined, from Hip Hop, to Soul, to Jazz, to Neo Soul, to World, to Rock, to EDM,  to modern funk artists if it’s funky, it will be here. We will post a link to the song where avaliable so you can enjoy it along with some artist information and musical impressions of the tunes selected.  Our definition of “new” is actually closer to “rarely heard”, as we’ll feature in particular, songs being released in the given year of the feature, but also songs from the last 20 to 25 years you may not have heard due to the lower profile of funk artists, album cuts from various albums that never got recognized because they werent singles, album cuts from artists you don’t appreciate as funk artists, and songs from independent sources. Many times you may recoil at the name of the artist who produced the song, for instance thinking “When did _________ do anything funky?” We ask that you hold tight, and when in doubt, ‘”put your body in it” and dig this funk.


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