Andresmusictalk & It’s Mission

When this blog was originally conceived? It was with the intent of discussing a broader range of different musical genres. As it evolved into a series of weekly features discussion songs and albums? It’s become a source from which the importance of strong groove,melody and instrumental ability. Especially in contemporary music in the jazz/funk/soul/dance spectrum. Both new and old songs and albums in this spectrum are discussed. As well as tributes to the artists who create them on different levels. Read,enjoy and let the vibes flow through!

2 responses to “Andresmusictalk & It’s Mission

  1. marcus stallion

    just now viewing this site, love it! cause im a real music fan.

  2. Colleen

    I’ve been over your posts, but I am looking for a sexy rendition of “the pledge of allegiance”
    I think it’s Brenda Bennett, but I don’t know if it was on a prince album, vanity 6, apollonia 6…. I just can’t find it!!!
    If you know what it is and which album I can find it on it would be greatly appreciated!

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